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cathedral of our lady

Cathedral of Our Lady

The greatest Gothic structure in Belgium is the Cathedral of Our Lady (Onze Lieve Vrouwkathedraal).

The cathedral’s construction began in 1352 and lasted until 1521. Its architects and master builders included Jacob van Thienen, Pieter Appelmans, Jan Tac, Everaert Spoorwater, Hermann and Dominic de Waghemakere, and Rombout Keldermans.

The church has lost many of its most priceless items of art as a result of significant damage that occurred on numerous occasions over the years. The destruction began with a fire in 1533, continued with Calvinists in 1581, dissident iconoclasts in 1566, and French Republican soldiers in 1794 and 1800. Unfortunately, very few of the stolen items have ever been found.

All of the carved masonries on the outside of the structure is modern because exterior restoration work started in the 19th century. The nave was the first area to get interior work, which started in 1965 and was finished in 1983.

The best remaining pieces of art are on show in the cathedral treasury as well as throughout the nave and aisles.

Proximity to Key Areas
  • Fashion District: The Antwerp Fashion District, renowned for its designer boutiques and the ModeMuseum (MoMu), is approximately a 10-minute walk (around 800 meters) from Antwerp Central Station.
  • Diamond District: The Diamond District, located adjacent to the station, is just a 5-minute walk (about 400 meters) away. This area is famous for its diamond trade and numerous diamond shops.
  • City Centre: The city centre, including key landmarks like the Cathedral of Our Lady and the Grote Markt, is roughly a 15-minute walk (around 1.2 kilometers) from the station.
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